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Seamus and Rathnait


The root of a good story is the characters. right? Well, here is where you can meet the cast of Red Wolf! All artwork is drawn by me, and as you can see, has been watermarked.



SeamusThe main character of Red Wolf. He struggles with uncovering his identity while at the same time, raising his little sister Rathnait and coming to terms with his past. Without any idea of how to be a part of a pack, Seamus has a difficult road ahead of him. He is soft-spoken and tries his best to be a suitable father figure for Rathnait, often afraid to let her out of his sight. He was told since he was young by his father that Fogrunners were savage killers, and second-class citizens. He was groomed to be his father's "secret weapon" against invaders but once Seamus noticed the abandonment of his sister, all fear of his father faded and he took a stand, leaving the family to raise her on his own. He is also the keeper of the missing half of a Medallion that identifies him as a prophet- the Son of Silus.


RathnaitSeamus' 7 year-old sister. Abandoned by their parents at a very young age, Seamus raised her practically from the start. She thinks very highly of him and wants to make him proud- while at the same time trying to individualize herself from the pack. She is swift to take action, often the first to open her mouth- whether that's good or bad is up for interpretation! ;) She is also a pillar of support for Seamus and at times is the only thing that keeps him going. She will always stand up for her loved ones- even if they don't need it.


CarriburnA young Aingael with a lot to learn. A bit clunky but with a heart as gold as his coat, Carriburn tags along with Seamus and Rathnait. He quickily becomes Seamus' best friend and according to some, his "very big little brother". Carriburn is a bit of a troublemaker and a clown, but all he wants is to be taken seriously- let's see how that goes for you, Carriburn. ;) He likes to show off his flight skills here and there, since he loves nothing more than a good flight. Just so you know, those scars on his nose are not from some traumatic event- he crashed into a tree. :)


RuaThe daughter of Zipha and the sweetpea of the core cast. She was taken from her treacherous mother as an infant and was gifted the ability to shift into a human form to help assist in communication with the occasional human city. She is sweet and fairly outgoing, though far from naive. Rua is an accomplished scout and is the group's best bet for getting news. Being branded as the "traitor's daughter" is her biggest fear, and Rua goes out of her way to prove herself as the opposite.


DaphneThe sole witness to a horrific crime committed by Zipha, Daphne had been forced to flee her homeland along with Rua, Carriburn, and Erot. Zipha had made an attempt on her life when she was very young, resulting in the trademarked scars on her face. Daphne believed so heavily in the Son of Silus that Zipha had often berated her, but Daphne knew, as she escaped, that she would find him. Making it her life's mission, she fulfills it when she crosses paths with Seamus and Rathnait.


ErotCarriburn's mother. The former leader of her race, the Aingaels, she chooses to help the youngsters Carriburn, Daphne, and infant Rua escape on her fleeting hope in finding the Son of Silus. She brought all three to adulthood and continues to serve as a Matriarch in Seamus' very strange, new pack. She is tough and stubborn, usually a soft sound or gesture will make all the statement she needs to get her point across. A warrior, but with enough of a sense of humor to enjoy Carriburn's antics- most of the time. She also serves as a major mentor for Seamus, showing him the fine points of leadership and counseling him on what is expected of him.


AtsuloThe newly-appointed Chieftain of his race, the Siriusons. Although he'd been groomed for it since he was young, Atsulo is still very new to this whole thing. He often gets caught up in worrying about if he is doing things correctly, often going to the shaman Brox for help. He was soon overpowered by Zipha and despite constant torture and even being held hostage, Atsulo does not give her any information as to the wherabouts of Erot and the children. He risks death itself and is unafraid of that- he is afraid for his people.


BroxThe shaman of the people on Mother Mountain. His exact age is unknown, partially because of his charisma and fearlessness. He had sensed Zipha's intentions many years ago and had since been especially wary of her being around the children. He is able to hide his bitterness toward her well enough but he does so with a grain of salt. He is responsible for gifting Rua the ability to change into a human, only having had the energy to give the ability to one. He is a keeper of stories, and had been the keeper of the sacred half-Medallion of the Son of Silus. He is driven to the brink when Zipha overtakes the Mountain and all its people, but he was one step ahead in giving Daphne the half-Medallion...


ZiphaThe first book's main villainess. Although she looks like the sweet-natured "aunt" of sorts, it's only a fecade. Beneath that soft face is a heart blackened with hate for her main rival, Atsulo. Her main goal was to become the ruler of the Mountain and just because Atsulo was selected to become the next Chieftain didn't stop her. She snapped once Rua was taken from her, finally acting on all the anger that had built up- starting with the slaughter of the Mountain's Fogrunner alphess, Vista- when Daphne had witnessed it, Zipha went after her; Daphne escaped, but not before Zipha was able to give her those nasty scars. Zipha didn't expect Daphne to fight back, however- resulting in her own scars.


Liad'anThe mother of Seamus and Rathnait. She is the side from which they'd attained their Fogrunner blood. She wanted nothing more than to become a sort of status symbol, offering no emotional support for her son as his father trained him and abandoning her newborn daughter because she was female, and possible competition to her newfound status.


EganSeamus and Rathnait's human father. He took a Fogrunner as his wife because he solely believed that if his offspring had the heightened strength and ferocity of the wolf, it would make him feared and respected for his control over the race he saw as "second class" citizens. He planned for Seamus to become his secret weapon, and to defend Egan no matter the cost- obviously it backfired when Seaamus knew he was better than that. :)


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